Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthenings can improve the look of teeth and prepare your mouth for aesthetic crown placement.

Crown Lengthening Services in Katy, TX

Crown lengthenins are a type of surgical procedure that involves the trimming or contouring of the gums around the upper arch of teeth to expose more of a tooth to prepare for the placement of a crown. A similar procedure can also be done to improve the look of teeth by removing gum material to give the appearance of even tooth length, while not necessarily preparing for another porcedure.. Crown lengthening can also sometimes include the changing of bone height and the contouring of bone material for the same purposes.

3D mockup of a laser used to shape gums as part of a crown lengthening procedure
  • Is crown lengthening painful?

    Crown lengthening procedures themselves should involve little to no pain because local anesthetics are used. Many patients also opt for stronger forms of sedation as well to reduce any risk of pain during the procedure. General discomfort or pain is manageable after the procedure using over the counter medications, and should not last longer than 2 weeks.

  • What should I eat after a crown lengthening?

    After the procedure you will need to be careful what you eat for three to five days. You should avoid very hot or cold food and beverages. In general, it’s safe to eat semi-solid foods such as pasta, yogurt, eggs and foods with a similar texture and consistency.

  • How long does it take to recover from a crown lengthening?

    Your teeth and gums will be sensitive for a while after surgery, and full recovery from crown lengthening surgery typically takes around three months. However, you will only need to rest two or three days, at most. You should plan to take a couple of days off of work after the procedure if your job involves intense physical labor or activity.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about crown lengthenings or other dental services, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.

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