We offer high-quality professionally made custom mouthguards in Katy, TX for athletes and for those who suffer from bruxism.

Mouthguards and Night Guards in Katy, TX

Mouthguards are essential for every athlete in a contact sport no matter the age. A mouthguard softens impacts and can prevent serious injuries that could cause expensive and painful oral health issues. Our mouthguards are both comfortable and custom-made ensuring that they are effective and can be worn as long as your sport requires.

For bruxism, a similar apparatus is worn while sleeping to prevent damage from nighttime teeth grinding. Without treatment, bruxism can cause severe teeth damage, head,aches and jaw pain meaning that putting off treatment poses a real risk to your oral health. Custom-mouthguards an effective and, compared to the restorative dentistry that grinding damage will eventually require, affordable treatment for bruxism.

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  • What types of mouthguards are there?

    The most common type of mouthguard you’re likely to encounter are stock mouthguards.¬†Without a custom fit, these are cheap and provide a provide a poor fit and worse protection.

    Similar to stock mouthguards boil and bite mouthguards are cheap and easily available at many stores. While they do offer a superior fit and level of protection to stock guards it’s still unreliable compared to custom mouthguards.

    Custom-fitted mouthguards are your best option for protection, comfort, and overall fit. Made from molds of your teeth there is no better fit possible. Unlike boil and bite and stock mouthguards, custom fit mouthguards will also have the least impact on your ability to breathe or speak normally. There’s also no risk with a custom mouthguard of a malformed bite as the result of a poor fit, something to consider particularly if wearing your guard overnight to prevent teeth grinding.

  • Can mouthguards help with TMJ?

    TMJ is treatable with temporary nightguards which can help to distribute pressure and avoid overnight clenching of the jaw from damaging your teeth.

  • Are mouthguards good athletes to have?

    Mouthguards help protect teeth from sudden impacts making them an indispensable piece of equipment for any athlete. Even in sports and activities where contact isn’t expected, there’s always a chance that isn’t worth taking when it could be guarded against so effectively. A variety of injuries from chipped and cracked teeth to severe tongue bites can be prevented with a properly fitting mouthguard.

Need a Mouthguard?

If you have more questions about mouthguards and night guards, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.

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